Lakme Academy Hyderabad


Get ready to be a part of the glitz & glamour of fashion! Start your career in the fashion industry. Work with top fashion names & create trendsetting looks & hairstyles.

Get Hands-On Training In...

As a part of the advanced course, you will get complete guidance and practical training.

Course Duration
Short Term Courses
Personal Grooming 12 Days
Corporate Make up 6 Days
Saree Drapping 4 Days
Basic Hair Styling course 6 Days
Creative Cuts 6 Days
Classic Cuts (level 1) 6 Days
Classic Cuts (level 2) 12 Days
Color level 4 Days
Color level 5 Days
Bridal 6 Days
Hair up-Styling (level 1) 6 Days
Hair up-Styling (Level 2) 5 Days
Texture (level 1) 6 Days
Manicure Pedicure 1 Month

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